Our Projects

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Kamitei Foundation

Kamitei is founded in 2002 and has its focus on children in the poorest areas of Tanzania. It provides scholarships for talented students and it provides financial and operational support for primary schools in the poorest areas of Tanzania.

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Impro Amsterdam

Impro Amsterdam is an annual festival for improvisation theatre. It brings some of the best and most diverse groups from all over the world to show off their different skills and approaches to this dynamic form of theater.

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ImproBattle aims to empower often underprivileged youth via improv theatre. By focusing on what participants can do instead of what they can't do, they reinforce their own strength and turn off their severe self-criticism. It opens them to new opportunities.

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“de Schoolschrijver” has been contributing to the reduction of low literacy since 2010. Their goal is to bring as many children as possible in primary school with the richness of language and literature and enlarge their vocabulary.


Improv Workshops

Over the years many improv workshops have been supported – by granting donations or giving a guarantee.


Children on Samos

In 2018 All Capital Charity held a fundraiser to support refugees on the isle of Samos, Greece. Afterwards Tijn Jakobs, the initiatorof the fundraiser, went to Samos as a volunteer and to experience where the donations were most needed.